Timeline according to the 2002 film and related materials Edit

Note: some details regarding Samara's origin have been changed in The Ring Two.

  • ca. 1934: Anna is born in Seattle.[1] (The reference doesn't give the year but says she was 44 when she died, which happened in 1978 according to the movie.)
  • ca. 1952: She graduates from Stanwick High School[1] (assuming she was 18 at the time, which is the norm).Milena sebedzija
  • (unknown date): She studies Animal Husbandry in the University of Washington[1]
  • (unknown date): She meets Richard when the two are buying a horse in the Netherlands. She moves to Moesko Island with Richard and they marry each other.[2]
  • 1963, May 8: She tries to conceive her first child but miscarries several months later
  • ca. 1964: After Anna has purchased and renovated a 100-year-old ranch with her husband, Richard[2], the two start to run the Morgan Ranch together.[1] (The year isn't given in the reference, but it reads she ran the ranch for 14 years, and in the movie, it's said she died in 1978.)
  • 1965: She tries to have a child but fails.[3]
  • 1966: She tries to have a child again but fails.[3]
  • 1967: She has yet another miscarriage.[4]
  • late 1968 or early 1969: She and Richard travel to Europe to see a specialist who would help them to have a child.[5][6][7]
  • 1970, February 8: Anna gives birth to Samara in Washington Baptist Hospital. The baby is born with many complications and needs an incubator.[7][8][9]
  • 1970, May: Samara no longer needs the incubator.[7] (The time isn't given in the reference, but it's said there she needed the incubator for 12 weeks.)
  • 1971, June: Samara finally takes feed from her mother.[7] (The time isn't given in the reference, but it's said there she wouldn't take feed from her mother until she was about 16 months old.)
  • 1972: Anna is prescribed some purging agents.[10] (The year isn't mentioned in the reference. However, Anna's age at the time, 38 years, is written there, and based on the year of birth calculated from the time of death given in the film, the prescription was given in 1972.)
  • 1974: A large article about the ranch is published in a magazine.[11] (There is no year in the reference, but it says they have run the ranch for 10 years, and in the obituary published 4 years later, it's said Anna ran the ranch for 14 years.)
  • 1976 or 1977: Anna is admitted to Eola County Psychiatric Hospital for some time.[1][12]
  • 1977, July 17: Samara is admitted to Eola County Psychiatric Hospital.[12]
  • 1978, February: Anna is treated at ECPH for depression and suicidal thoughts. Richard checks her and Samara out on the 23rd and takes them to their home on Moesko Island.[12]
  • 1978, September 7: The horses start to kill themselves.[12]
  • 1978, September 20: The horses keep killing themselves, and Anna is readmitted to ECPH.[12]
  • 1978, October 15: The ranch is quarantined.[12]
  • 1978, October 20: Anna is discharged from ECPH.[12]
  • 1978: The Morgans travel to Shelter Mountain where Anna tries to kill Samara by throwing her down into a well where she survives for 7 days. After returning home, Anna then kills herself by jumping off a cliff.[1] The horses behave normally after that.[13]
  • ca. 1978, November 15: The ranch is no longer quarantined.[12]

Death and DaughterEdit

When many tests were run in the asylum for Samara, all had no results. Anna eventually came to the decision that Samara, and her burning nightmares and images, had to die. While Samara was singing and watching the horses, Anna suffocated Samara with a plastic bag. She knocked Samara unconscious and pushed her into a well, then closed the opening in the well so no one could find Samara, and so Samara couldn't escape. Minutes later, she committed suicide by jumping off a cliff because of the horrifying thing she did to Samara and it was the only way to gain peace. It is later seen by the cursed videotape. Anna Morgan wants to kill Samara.


  • Anna first was admitted into Eola County Psychiatric Hospital on May 8, 1963. It was there she tried to conceive her first child, with the help of Dr. Deever. She had a miscarriage, followed by several others from 1963 to 1969, when her and her husband, Richard, left Moesko Island. They return in February of 1970, with their daughter Samara, who was born on February 8th. Although her birth certificate states Anna is her biological mother, the Morgans claim that she is adopted and return home to Moeskoko Island. so are Milena to psychiatric hospital

Milena s hospital are so time but Milena come basf to Psychological be so less leader ship of 2002 pm are Milena yet feeding a way something is about of Milena all stay to here the clear is Not much is known about the next seven years of Anna's life, except that life was hard due to small hauls of fish and harvest. In 1977, Anna confided to the local doctor, Dr. Grasnik, that she was beginning to see horrible images in her head, images that only occurred around Samara. They were referred to Eola County Psychiatric, where Anna was treating and Samara was placed under 24-hour surveillance. In February of 1978, Anna was once again treated for hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. Later that month, Samara is released from the hospital on her father's orders and locked in the barn so she cannot torment Anna anymore. when are Milena to psychiatric hospital Grown up s visit the doctor just like Children named Milena have an questions during believe me to Milena believe some was get less new person ancient that Milena is fails when faced in s ade was alone be Milena bila believe special have dead any one visit Milena Morgan of believe me so be an time over ledge ultimately a one own know less person on of ancient like last night codes deal with Milena happening then Milena is failed to go for the Milena come to Eola ciounty psychiatric hospital

On September 7th, 1978, the Morgan ranch horses were driven mad by Samara's powers and ended up either running off a cliff or drowning themselves, leaving a devastated Anna. Over 27 horses were killed, and the ranch was placed under quarantine, making the Morgans the center of bizarre rumors. On October 15th, Anna was readmitted into Eola County Psychiatric. She was released on October 20th, and the family headed to Shelter Mountain Inn for a vacation. It is there that Anna suffocated Samara and threw her down into the well, unable to stand her any longer. Horrified by what she had done, Anna committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.

Trivia Edit

The 6th episode in Season 5 of Ghost Whisperer "Head of Heels" has a comparison when the horses go crazy

Refrences Edit

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