Ishi Kawajiri (川尻イシ )
First appearance

Ring 2

Last appearance

Ring 2









Portrayed by

Fumiyo Kohinata

Dr. Ishi Kawajiri (川尻イシ Kawajiri Ishi) is the doctor of Masami Kurahashi in a mental hospital in Ring 2. He has a great knowledge about Sadako's powers.


Dr. Ishi Kawajiri was a former classmate of Ryuji Takayama. When he heard the news that his classmate died in his apartment, he was unabled to attend the funeral. Kawajiri was assigned to take care of Masami Kurahashi. He discovered that his patient has an ability to burn images from her mind through a photo. When Mai and Okazaki approached to them, he shows the photo which Masami burnt with. Kawajiri created an experiment to test the power of Sadako which Masami had. The experiment was failed and later redone at the swimming pool because of it's higher energy. During the experiment at the pool, he was seen carrying a machine and fell down into pool which means that he is dragged by Sadako to death.


  • The character of Ishi Kawajiri doesn't exist in the book however, his character is almost similar to Mitsuo Ando because both Mitsuo and Kawajiri are classmates of Ryuji.

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