Kanae Sawaguchi (沢口香苗)
First appearance

Ring 2

Last appearance

Ring 2









Portrayed by

Kyoko Fukada

Kanae Sawaguchi (沢口香苗 Sawaguchi Kanae) was a girl from Tokyo who was interviewed by Okazaki during the events of Ring 2.


Kanae Sawaguchi was interviewed by Okazaki. She had heard rumours about the existence of the cursed tape and had access to making a copy from it. Although not being a viewer at the time of the interview, she eventually watched the tape the night before giving the copy to Okazaki.

7 Days after watching the tape, Kanae made a phone call to Okazaki, asking if he had watched the video. Upon hearing that Okazaki watched the video, she felt a sigh of relief and informed him that he must make a copy and show it to someone else within 7 days or else he will die. She hung up and stayed at home thinking that the curse has been lifted from her. However, it turns out that Okazaki lied and without any warning, she was killed by Sadako in her home. She died the same way as all other victims of Sadako with a shocked face. She later became a ghost who terrorised Okazaki in anger of what he did.

Output 5IbFGr

Kanae's death mask



  • The character of Kanae doesn't exist in the book.

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