In ring people survive an unstoppable tape that calls you and warns you about 7 days which means you have to survive a week after viewing the tape Ryuji Takayama is told to watch the tape and die for a week.

Ring 2

This is the second ring of terror which everybody knows a girl who had watch the tape fell into the well with sadako and her child and her child and the mother tries climbing back up the rope and try to let sadako drown back in the well once they reach it.

The Ring Virus

In this film sadako is not in it this is a korean remake of ring and the ring and sadako or samara is called eun suh in this film she had drown in the well and her virus is not as simple when you view it she comes out of the laptop or computer her eye is much scarier than ring and the ring.

Ring 0: Birthday

Sadako tells her true story in this film her mother is known well as Shizuko which somebody was holding an axe in front of her while sadako was going in front of the well when the person swinged the axe sadako started to fall in the well and that was mostly half of her story.

The Ring

In the ring Noah watches a mysterious tape that can defeat you after viewing it by showing the eye the back story of samara is well produced anna may come to samara and kidnap her and throw her in the well.

The Ring 2

In the ring 2 Rachel and her child survive an unbelievable child girl named samara in a scene the child's mother falls in the well with samara doing a well climbing contest it appears the mother won the battle and she finds the cliff and falls down very sadly.

Sadako 3D

In this film sadako is mostly different by her legs and she is a zombie like spirit in this film a girl tries to save her boyfriend from a creepy tape that can come to you if you watch it this may be an difficult product and scary product so keep your eyes out for the creepy scenes.

Sadako 3D 2

Most stuff is different in this film you may see sadako is different again like in the first version of sadako 3D you may see the difference between samara and sadako in this movie.

Sadako vs. Kayako

This is the creepiest battle in horror history in english it is known as The Ring vs. The Grudge in one scene sadako and kayako crash into each other and become sadakaya toshio is not featured in that scene but is featured in some scenes from the movie.


Some people might think this might be the final release of the ring franchise but wrong some people think there is more the ring films coming soon in the beginning people go on an plane heading to seattle one guy gets a bloody nose during the ride to seattle complaining about this tape the plane's mobile items on the seats show the well located in seattle ink comes out of the bathroom while fly's surround the plane and samara comes out of the plane's big mobile system.

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These films are all rated PG-13 but not (The Ring Virus) and (Sadako vs. Kayako)