Tomoko Oishi (大石 智子)
First appearance


Last appearance

Ring 2 (in photos only)


Unnamed mother
Reiko Asakawa (aunt)
Yoichi Asakawa (cousin)







Portrayed by

Yuko Takeuchi

Tomoko Oishi (大石 智子 Ōishi Tomoko) was Reiko Asakawa's niece and Yoichi Asakawa's cousin. Apparently she and Yoichi were rather close and used to play together.


Output skblfC

Tomoko's mother, discover her dead body in the closet.

Tomoko was approximately 17 years old and lived in Tokyo. She had a friend named Masami Kurahashi and a boyfriend named Iwata. At some point, she, Iwata, a girl named Yoko Tsuji and Yoko's boyfriend Nomi Tadehiko went on a trip to Izu. By conincidence they stayed in Cabin B4 and discovered the Cursed Videotape and watched it together.

One week later, after returning to Tokyo, Tomoko told Masami about her trip and watching the videotape while her parents were out watching a baseball game, which was also showing on the TV. Tomoko initially tells Masami that she lied about watching the tape As they are talking, a phone rings downstairs and Tomoko reveals that actually she did watch the tape. They rushed downstairs in a panic but it turns out that it was just Yoshiki Asakawa, Tomoko's mother, calling to tell them that she was going to be late. Masami then went to use the bathroom and Tomoko got a drink from the fridge. Unexpectedly, the TV turned on, showing the baseball game. She turned it off, but when she went away it turned on again. Tomoko slowly turned around and was attacked by Sadako, who crawled out of the TV. It is unknown when she died, but Masami was there to see it and her body somehow wound up in her bedroom closet, frozen with a look of terror on her face. Her aunt Reiko and cousin Yoichi later attended the funeral, which would later lead to Reiko's investigation of the tape and most of the events of Ring .

Tomoko is never directly shown onscreen after her death (except for a flashback of her dead body) but during the funeral Yoichi sees her running up the stairs (only her feet are shown) and she leads him into her room, where he is drawn to the TV (although Reiko soon takes him out of the room). Although it is not seen, it is implied that she tells Yoichi about her death. Later, when Reiko takes Yoichi to her father's house to take Yoichi away from herself and the video, she hears Tomoko calling her 'auntie' while she is sleeping. When Reiko looks towards where Yoichi is sleeping, she sees what appears to be Tomoko's body, facing away from her. When Reiko looks into the TV room, she is shocked to find Yoichi is watching the cursed video. When she interrogates Yoichi, it turns out that Tomoko became an onryou like Sadako and persuaded Yoichi to watch the video. Tomoko's spirit is never seen or mentioned again and it is unknown what happened to her.


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